AppSumo: the Daily Deal Site for Builders

Every day I am discovering new tools for building startups and a lot of those discoveries come from AppSumo, a daily deal website for online services.

AppSumo - tools for building startups

Back in 2010, this savvy kid, Noah Kagan, has this crazy idea. He wants to sell digital goods in the daily deal style made popular by Groupon. Most people would try to start a business like this by creating their own platform first. Not Noah. He didn’t have time for that. He emails the Imgur Founder, Alan Schaaf, with his idea. Apparently Noah has a way with words because Alan is all in. For every paid pro Imgur subscription he sells, Noah receives a cut.

Now you would think this story is over, but it gets better. Noah now has a product but no platform. So what does he do? He reaches out to the staff at Reddit and convinces them to give him some free ad credits to validate his idea. Then, after hiring a web developer in Pakistan to throw a website together in a weekend for $60, AppSumo springs to life. That first deal sold 200 new Imgur accounts and netted $600. Not only is AppSumo a great resource for building startups, but it is the perfect case study for “Just Build It!”

Now I will warn you, AppSumo can be kind of addicting. If you’re like me and have a pancake robot collecting dust in your garage because you backed it on Kickstarter for reasons you can’t recall, then you might want to steer clear of AppSumo. Or don’t. Because who am I to judge?

I’m not just a fan, I’m a customer

Some of the tools on this very site are thanks to deals that came through AppSumo. All of the stock photos and graphics, for example, come from Stock Unlimited. And all of the images are optimized with ShortPixel using their WordPress plugin, reducing bandwidth usage and increasing page speed. Also Zeroqode, the tutorial site which was highlighted in the Ultimate Guide to Building Apps without Code. All of these tools for building startups offered lifetime access in exchange for a one-time fee on AppSumo.