Free Logo Maker That’s Actually Free

There are a lot of “free” logo maker sites on the internet, but most of them come with a catch. Usually they will charge a fee when you want to download your logo. Of course they don’t tell you about the fee until you’ve already spent at least an hour contemplating font choices and color schemes. It’s pretty aggravating.

Fortunately, Namecheap has launched a free logo maker that is actually free. No hidden costs or surprises whatsoever (although they do offer to print business cards for you for a fee). In about 15 minutes I was able to re-create the Just Build It! logo:

Results of the free logo maker

My favorite part about this tool though is the download. Instead of simply giving me a PNG version of the logo, I received a whole folder of files including:

  • Original logo – both PNG and SVG
  • Monochrome logo in black, white, and grayscale – SVG
  • Isolated layout in black, white, and grayscale – SVG
  • Social Media Profile image – PNG
  • Social Media Cover image – PNG
  • A text file detailing the fonts and color scheme used
Files provided by Namecheap's free logo maker

Some of these files I didn’t even know I needed. And that’s the beauty of this free logo maker: it gives amateurs like myself the power to create simple branding quickly and efficiently. Is it perfect? Absolutely not! Is there still value in hiring a professional? Of course! Take this blog post by Munchkin for example. They had an entire graphics department spend months interviewing customers and modernizing their logo. And in the end they simply changed the fonts and ditched the purple.


My point is you can spend a lot of time thinking about the subtlety of fonts and icons and color schemes and while that effort might not be a total waste, it can be a distraction from what you are actually building. The Namecheap logo maker is simply a tool for rapid development. Get the logo out of the way so you can get back to building your product.